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Finding Answers

We think in code and in equations. We communicate visually and concisely. We get things done.


We are analytical and empathetic

We are a community of highly skilled AI engineers, software engineers, designers and researchers who like to build things and solve problems. We draw quantitative and creative minds. Each of us has passions and drives a vision. We share values. We trust each other and we like to spend time with each other. Even those at the start of their careers are among the best in our field. We bring together analytical, and creative minds to make a positive impact. This is how we pave roads where there are no roads and see what others may miss.


We work collaboratively, and move quickly

Our team is lean and agile. We embrace ambiguity and enjoy a good challenge. We keep the big picture in focus and put the user experience in the centre. We connect dots across disciplines and industries to design big and answer tough questions.