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A selection of curated resources, published by our colleagues.

25 May 2022

Improving road lane detections with data augmentations

15 March 2022
9 March 2022

Calculating objects size from point cloud data – ARKit on iOS

10 February 2022

Future of generative AI in Fashion

We built the AIs and web-app powering pioneering fashion technology company AWAYTOMARS which uses generative AI models to co-create novel fashion and textile designs. Here, Alfredo Orobio, founder of the brand, talks about the future of AI in fashion.
3 September 2021

Concept to prototype: Open data with smart cost-effective air quality sensors

Making pollution data open with affordable smart particulate matter air quality monitors
7 April 2021

Quick 3D design & prototyping to support ML Ops

Often training data is not available immediately at project kick off. Here is how we cobbled together some parts and 3D printed others to build a waterproof casing to collect initial training data and avoid delays on a recent project.
21 April 2020

Detecting health risks in a non-invasive way, a Viapontica AI and Cisco collaboration